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mobile mockup with sprint screen


Catch your bus

Sprint is a mobile application made to help people who frequently miss their bus. This app is able to geolocalize you in order to find the nearest buses and will show the time left before it’s leaving.

This project was designed and developed for school in DWM by team of 4 students.

01 Developing an idea

At the beginning of every project, we have to find an idea, for this app, we were focus on a delay problem to solve.

We explored many possibilities like:

  • Losing personal stuff (keys)
  • Knowing if our diet are healthy or not
  • Having informations about an artist (festival, concert, …)

For our subject, we headed to the theme of how not to miss our next bus. To keep in mind the objectif of the app, we established the 5W rule: Why, What, Why, When and Where.

thinking board picture

It’s a mobile application made for bus users (who) that allows you to know if there is enough time to catch it (what) by showing you how fast you have to walk in order to help you to not miss it (why). And in any place and anytime (where / when).

02 A graphic identity

I was in charge to develop the graphic part of the app. I started by being focused on the identity that i would like to convey through the logo. Our project is named sprint, we wanted to play on the rapidity and the speed.

So i took the S letter of sprint to customize into a lightning to support the values that we want to defend with this app.

sprint logo research picture
sprint logo version flat design

For the graphic style, I explored 2 ways, the flat design and the low poly design. Together, we decided to take the low poly design due to esthetic reasons and afterward to give a mechanical style for the logo.

sprint logo version low poly design
The official logo of sprint

03 An easy interface

By starting this project, we wanted to keep in mind that the interface will stay simple and clear, that’s why the primary functionality of this app will be to find your bus.

Thereby, we established a single screen that will ask you your bus line and subsequently, it will show you how to not miss it.

  1. Ask

  2. Search

  3. Find

small animation about the sprint app interface

04Keep the pace

We thought about to insert customized screens depending on the emergency of the task, to give a funny side, but mostly to directly make the user feel involved.

To reach it, we imagined that once we selected the bus line, the app would be able to show a pace to keep. For this, thanks to the geolocalization, the app will be able to define a pace depending on the time and the distance that will remain to perform before the bus leaving.

Run screen of Sprint application
Run screen of Sprint application

05Please the user

To conclude, we wanted to give some informations to the user about his performance, it’s like a little reward that we wanted to keep to encourage the user to do better or even to make him feels a sense of satisfaction.

End screen of Sprint application


Finally, even if working by team is not something easy, after all, we all learnt and we forced ourself to explore path that we would not take normally.

We especially learnt that user experience is very important and we shouldn’t only thing about visual aspect, we have to think about the user to make an intuitive and an understandable interface. That everything is not easy as it seems, that by doing several tests, we build a stronger project.

The UX design, it’s first of all thinking about others but mostly solving problems and offering solutions reachable for everyone.

meet the team of sprint application